Cooperative Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get a housing application from Marcus Management, Inc.?

A: You can complete a form on this web site and request to receive an application for membership in one of the Cooperatives that we manage. Please click on the "Apply Online" button on the main menu.

Q: Can I make my monthly carrying charge payment electronically?

A: Yes! All community residents can make their monthly carrying charge payments electronically. There is an enrollment form to complete which can be obtained from this web site.

Q: How can I contact my Board of Directors?

A: All communications for the Board of Directors can be left in a sealed envelope at the Resale Office. The Board of Directors has an incoming mailbox and will receive your communication.

Q: When our HUD insured mortgage is paid off, will I own my unit? Will we automatically turn into a condominium?

A: No. When the last mortgage payment is made, the Cooperative will remain a not-for-profit Michigan corporation. The members of the Cooperative will still be a stockholder in the corporation. There will still be the need for on-site staff for maintenance and repairs, office administration, etc.

Q: How can I communicate any concerns I might have with Marcus Management, Inc.?

A: Marcus Management's web site provides a communication tool that allows you to send a message directly to our personnel. Please feel free to utilize this communication tool.

Q: When will I receive my equity refund check?

A: Once your unit is sold and closed, we will issue your refund check within approximately 30 days of the closing date. Please be sure that you have notified the on-site Resale office of your forwarding address.

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